Health & Beauty

Health and beauty are more important than ever. We all want eternal youth and enjoy long healthy lives. To help you achieve this, we can supply you with the products you need, varying from food supplements and vitamins, to hair and skincare products.

Cod liver oil capsules (vision/memory care)
Omega3 Fish oil Concentrate (reduce three high symptoms risk)
Calcium plus vitamin (bone density care)
Ginkgo Leaf Tablets (sleeping/blood circulation care)
CoEnzyme-Q-10 (heart/blood pressure/cholesterol care)
Glucosamine & chondroitine (Joint care)
Royal Jelly (immunity/ menopause care)
Milk Thistle capsules (liver care)
Saw palmetto (prostate/urinary system care)
Mariadistel (liver care)
Adult milk powder

Suoer Green Tea Diet (Detox)
Cranberry concentrate tablets (urinary system care)
Acai Daily Cleanse Capsules (Anti-oxidation,reducing fat)
Raspberry Ketones (Slimming)
Vitamin C&E (Skin care)
Evening Primrose oil (Physiology care)
Skin,hair and nails formula

Garlic oil capsules
Spirulina Tablets
Milk Thistle Capsules

Pre-Vites with Iron Chewables

Perfume (Dior/CHANEL/GUCCI)
Lipstick (MAC/KIKO)
Face makeup (Benefit/MAC)

Skin care
Local brands and top brands:
Face care
Eye care
Sensitive skin
Special effect

Cosmeceutical skin care
Face care
Eye care
Sensitive skin

Body care
The Body Shop
Personal care

Oral care
Electric toothbrushes
Shaving products